UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client

UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client


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Date Added:03 June, 2014

Author: NEC Corporation

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The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client is a Unified Communications application that works in conjunction with the UNIVERGE 3C Unified Communications Manger server which delivers, among other things, Voice over IP (VoIP) PBX and unified communications services for enterprise.

The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client helps a user manage, in real time, multi-media communications including VoIP, Instant Messaging, video calling, conferencing and more.

The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client provides user control over communications to/from any VoIP phone assigned to a user. These can be hard phones or softphones. These can be phones located on their desk in their office, a softphone running on their MAC, a shared phone they are temporarily "logged onto", etc. With the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client users may place outbound calls from any VoIP device assigned to them. They may also screen, answer, or redirect inbound calls to any user device, including their iPhone. As an inbound VoIP call is destined to a user, the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client provides a real time notification. The user can then use the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client to take action on the call in any manner that they wish. For example, they can use the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client to answer the call at any of the VoIP phones assigned to them. User may choose to ignore the call and send it immediately to voicemail. User may also wish to redirect the call to another user. Finally, they may wish to redirect the call to their iPhone to answer. Once a VoIP call is answered at the user's chosen device, the user is presented with several options that can be performed on the call in real-time.
Some of these options are:

- Move a call: the call may be moved without interruption from the VoIP device it is currently connected at to any of the VoIP devices assigned to the user, including the user's iPhone.
- Hold/unhold the call: user's may hold/un-hold the call regardless of the VoIP device the call is connected at.
- Transfer the call: user's can transfer the call to another destination.
- Record the call: users with administrator's permission may start recording the call.
- Quick conference: a user can place the call into a conference with other users.

In addition to allowing a user to control their VoIP calls in real time, the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client offers several Unified Communications features to ensure a rich communications experience:

- Contact search: the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client allows the user to search for other users within their personal contacts as well as on their corporate directory. Once a contact is located, several communications options are presented to the user.
- Contact availability (presence): the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client provides the real-time presence or availability of the user. This ensures that you know the contact's availability prior to contacting them.
- Contact profile details: this provides you with information about the contact such as full name, title, department, company name, office location, geographic coordinates, etc.
- Communications history: provide user's of the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client with a history of communications with various contacts including call history and IM history.
- Much more¦¦.

The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client application enhances business communications, and takes efficiency and productivity to the next level. With the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client and UNIVERGE 3C system, user's can control their multi-media communications from anywhere, at any time and on any device.


The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client application requires the UNIVERGE 3C Unified Communications Manager version 8.5 for full functionality. However UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client is compatible with UNIVERGE 3C 8.1 and UNIVERGE Sphericall 8.0 with fewer functionalities. Please contact your local NEC representative for more details.

The UNIERGE 3C Mobile Client is compatible with all mobile devices (iPhone4+, iPad and iPad Mini) with iOS 5 or higher.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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